Aluminum Products

We go beyond enclosures to provide our customers with quality aluminum products for installation that brings the architectural finishing touch to your outdoor area. We only use the highest grade alloy aluminum the industry has to offer. Depending on your choice of style they are available in bronze, white, and other colors.

entrance way screen enclosure

Foyers and Entrance Ways

Want to add a beautiful architectural look to your front foyer or entrance way and keep out those unwanted bugs. We have you covered and can help you find that special design with color options.

decorative door

Decorative Doors

When it’s time to replace or install your front door, why not replace it with a beautiful decorative entry door? We can provide you with many types to choose from and colors range from white to bronze.

aluminum fencing

Aluminum Fencing and Gates

If you prefer an open deck area than an enclosure we provide quality aluminum fencing and gate options for your pool deck. Look no further as our aluminum products brings the finishing touch to your outdoor areas. In addition to an open deck area it can also be more economical than a large screen enclosure. We only use the highest grade alloy aluminum the industry has to offer. Depending on your choice of style they are available in bronze, white, and other colors.



We service carports with aluminum composite roofs for repairs.

composite roof panel

Composite Roof Panels

We install and repair 3″ foam insulated panels with fan beams for screen rooms and patios. We can design a porch to fit your needs.

Elite composite roof panels are prefinished insulated panels for screen rooms, carports, glass rooms, canopies, walkways and other types of covers for residential and commercial applications.The core is encased between two pieces of aluminum with a high-density polystyrene designed to meet or exceed the most rigid building codes. They are available with internal fan beams.

screen enclosure attached to super gutters

Soffit, Fascia, Structural Super Gutter

We also specialize in soffit, fascia and structural super gutter repairs or replacements.

Super gutters are similar to regular ones, but they are made of a heavier gauge of aluminum or are thicker to support the weight and downward forces from the beams between your house and screen enclosure. Super gutters are extruded rather than roll-formed, which adds extra strength and durability. Super gutters requires a licensed aluminum contract to install or repair them. Regular gutter companies are not authorized to repair nor install super gutters.

pet door

Petsafe Aluminum Pet Doors

When it comes to your pets safe access is important to have a pet door that is properly fit for your pet’s size and future growth. Oceanside Screen only installs Petsafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Doors which range from size small to extra large. They come with a durable aluminum frame, tinted vinyl flap with a magnetic closure and brushed weather stripping and withstands constant use from active pets. Excellent for mild climates and has a plastic removable locking cover with spring-loaded pin lock to keep a pet secured inside or prevent wildlife from entering from the outside. We will frame in with aluminum for the Petsafe door to fit your enclosure wall in your desired location.