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Screen Repair

Living in a coastal region here on the Space Coast of Florida brings beautiful tropical weather most of the year but those rainy humid months usually starting in May through October can bring lots of windy thundershowers and sometimes hurricanes. Unfortunately, screen and aluminum does eventually weather and wear on your screen enclosure over time can cause the need for repairs. Re-screening is the perfect time to also make those necessary repairs to the metal structure and clean the entire aluminum frame removing any algae. In most cases the support cables, anchor screws and the lower sidewall aluminum around the base of the enclosure may be rusted or corroded.

Which is caused by dielectric dissimilarity between steel fasteners and aluminum components. These rusted screws and fasteners weaken the overall strength of the screen structure and we recommend those areas be replaced to properly secure the structure. In addition, re-sealing all the structural gutter joints, especially those areas where the initial caulking application has cracked to prevent leaks and keep those unwanted flying insects out. Door hardware, door hinges and bug sweeps should also be replaced during this maintenance. All the screen panels that we replace are guaranteed to be ‘Tight and Right’.

Partial Rescreen VS Complete Rescreen

Depending on the age of your existing screens in most circumstances it is more economical for a complete re-screen eliminating the inconvenience of future disruptive and costly service calls. When screens reach the end of their life span they start to turn silver with fiberglass exposed. When a new screen is installed it’s a darker color. So, you will see a big difference between your old and new screens. Also, if your screens are near the end of their useful life you will need to replace them. We always inspect your screen enclosure from TOP to BOTTOM and provide you with a professional detailed estimate with options for a partial or complete re-screen. You decide which way is right for you.

Protecting your screen enclosure is important and begins with proper Hurricane Preparedness. At Oceanside Screen we evaluate the overall structural condition of your screen enclosure in preparation for hurricane season. Our experienced service staff can handle nearly anything relating to repairing, servicing pool enclosures, porches and lanais. Aluminum is our specialty and structural integrity is our priority.

Ask us about our hurricane upgrade options to include;

Free On-site Inspection
Evaluation of your current screen enclosure
Corrosion-Resistant Screws
Pro-Tect Anchors & Nylo-Tec Fasteners
Reinforced Wind Bracing
Bolts -Screws – Angle Brackets – K-Bracing – Tie-down Cables
Structural Gutter Integrity
Components – Gutter straps – Lag Bolts -Water Flow

Always hire a reputable, licensed and insured contractor no matter what type of project you want completed. That gives you peace of mind for your investment! Contact us today for more information and for a FREE ESTIMATE. We will contact you once we receive your completed form.

Pool Enclosures

We offer a variety of services for pool enclosures relating to structural repair, anchors, leaks and screen replacement.

Screen Rooms

Enjoy the outdoors with an enhanced architectural finishing to your outdoor area with a new screen room, patio, or lanai.

Screen Repair

Re-screening is the perfect time to make those necessary repairs to the metal structure. Rusted screws and fasteners weaken the overall strength of the screen structure.