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Pro-Tect & Nylo-Tec Fasteners

Oceanside Screen offers complete anchor & screw replacement service as we only use the Pro-Tect & Nylo-Tec Fastener Protection System for our service repairs and new builds. Living in a coastal region here on the Space Coast of Florida brings beautiful tropical weather most of the year but those rainy and humid months also bring lots of harsh weather. Unfortunately screen and aluminum does eventually weather and wear on your screen enclosure which over time can cause the need for repairs. Rusty anchors and screws are caused by dielectric dissimilarity between steel fasteners and aluminum components also know as electrolysis. These rusted screws & fasteners weaken the overall strength of the structure and we recommend replacing those with the Pro-Tect & Nylo-Tec Fastener Protection System which are Miami Dade County approved Blue-Tap Screw Anchors NOA #20-20922.12.

Pro-Tect Anchor System
* Blue Tap True Stainless 304 Concrete Anchor
* Pro-Tect Cap & Sleeve- eliminates contact between metals eliminating electrolysis
* Pro-Tect Auger has its own masonry drill bit which is designed to drill the right size
diameter hole in the aluminum metal for the sleeve while providing proper depth in the
concrete for the Blue-Tap Anchor.

Nylo-Tec Screws
* Designed for Harsh Environments
* UV stabilized color resists fading
* Provides long-term strength and durability
* Glass reinforced nylon head
* Provides a finished appearance with strength

Pool Enclosures

We offer a variety of services for pool enclosures relating to structural repair, anchors, leaks and screen replacement.

Screen Rooms

Enjoy the outdoors with an enhanced architectural finishing to your outdoor area with a new screen room, patio, or lanai.

Screen Repair

Re-screening is the perfect time to make those necessary repairs to the metal structure. Rusted screws and fasteners weaken the overall strength of the screen structure.